Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ahriman Conversion

Ive always wanted to use Ahriman because the artwork for him is just really cool, and its great that its in color now. Its a shame that the model isnt as good as the artwork. Now with the new codex, ive made a few lists including him that could be pretty mean. So this was a perfect opportunity to finally make the Ahriman i wanted.

I just tried to match thae artwork the best i could. I didnt want to risk cutting up the arms too much so i just switched his staff hand so i could use the arm from the dark angels librarian from the dark vengance set. Ive been saving that arm for quite some time now, it had to be used for the right psyker and i think Ahriman fits the bill.

 I used Greenstuff to fill in most  gaps, and even sculpted a new elbow pad for his left arm.
 I have so many of theses firing pieces. I was thinking maybe i could place it in the palm of his hand to make it look like hes casting a spell just like in the artwork.

Does it look right with the model, or is it too much?


Big Whit said...

That is just one of the coolist things I've seen in a while.
great job!

lil will said...

Thanks Big Whit!

UltraBob said...
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