Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alpha Legion Heldrake W.I.P + Some Chosen

The Heldrake has so much detail to pick out! It took me a day to just do the blue/green paint and the silver on the top part of the model. Still gotta do the other side and add all the little details like the eyes, claws, ect.
 Ive got to say that while it is a very detailed piece, i just dont think its worth $75. You  dont get enough for what you pay for. An imperial Guard Valkyrie is $66 and you get much more sprues and other pieces. The heldrake only has 2 sprues that only contain the bare minimum needed to make it, and the inside is hollow, you can see right through it. Not to say this is a bad model because i really like it, but its definatley not worth $75. Im sure others will disagree, but it is the second most expensive flyer next to the stormraven.  

 Also got around to painting a few chosen. Very cool figs.

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