Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2000pt Chaos Space Marine Nurgle list

Just a quick list i came up with. Plague marines are still as great as theyve always been.


Chaos lord - 120
- mark of nurgle
- sigil
-lightning claw


x4 (7)Plague marines - 198
- 2 plasma guns

(30)cultists - 130

(11) cultists - 54


Heldrake - 170
-hades autocannoon


(3) oblits - 228
-mark of nurgle
(3) oblits - 228
- mark of nurgle

(5) havocs - 175
- 5 missles with flakk

Aegis Defence Line w/Quad - 100

total - 1997

The lord joins the 30 cultists to make them fearless. The 4 plague marines will go out and do whatever the mission requires. 11 cultists will sit in reserves to capture objective or if in a kill points mission just sit and hide, doing nothing in a kill point game doesent harm my list because its only 54 points. Heldrake is there for killing flyers and reg vehicles alike. The baleflamer isnt need b/c i have enough anti infantry. The 6 oblits sit behind the defense line and since they arent fearless, they can go to ground for that 2+ cover save. Havocs also sit behind the aegis line and the champ controls the quad gun while the rest just use the missles. Against flyers 8 str 7 skyfire shots can be kinda deadly, not to mention the heldrake. I was thinking, for 185 points total, a cheap squad of plague bearers and epidimus as allies would really make this list scary, just gotta work around the points.

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