Saturday, December 31, 2011

Question: Necron Entropic strike rule

How does it work?

A) Do you hit, roll for entropic strike and then roll for penetrate or glance?


B) Do you hit and then roll for pen and it just stops there.

Its something thats been bugging me for a while and i would like to hear other peoples opinions

Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Way of Painting Red

I asked black matt what colors he thought would be best for making red pop. The colors we came up with were red gore, blood red,and blazing orange. It turns out i didnt really need the red gore because the base color was mechrite red with a heavy badab black wash, which was essentialy the same. I also picked up some baal red wash hoping to help blend in all the various reds. This is how i did it. After the mechrite red with the baal red wash,(or just use red gore) i painted all the areas where i thought light would hit with a watered down blood red. Then i did the edges where the blood red was with blazing orange. After that i used the baal red wash to make the colors look more "together" and after it dried i did finer higlights of blood red and the blazing orange, repeating the first two steps basically.
Using all these different reds really adds depth to the model.

C&C appericiated

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Taking it a step further: The importance of highlighting

Its about time i started working on my chaos again. Ive been playing necrons and have a whole fully painted army but ill save that for another time since this blog is dedicated to chaos. I learnde so many techniques and have made some cool looking models that some people have loved and hate, but i want to finish this army. I want them to collectively become something that i can be proud of and it wouldnt hurt to win a few "best painted"s here or there. So im starting from scratch. i want all my models to be of the same quality as the fig below. Ive learned that with painting red, orange is your best friend. It catches the eye, especially when on top of a dark red color. With this guy i used mechrite red with a badab black wash and blazing orange highlights. I think he came out suprisingly good. Of course when i paint the face it should come together

And my rhinos are going to be themed by each individual god. 4 rhinos, 4 gods. If anyone has checked out my blog a while back i talked about doing this. Its a chaos undivided army so it should work. To represent a god for each rhino. Im painting these goofy deamons on every one of them. It goes as follows:

Nurgle (painted by BCJ)

Tzeench (painted by me)

Slaanesh (painted by BCJ)

Khorne (i cant figure out how i want to paint this one. Maybe a skeleton or a bloodletter i dont know. Any ideas?)

An this is just an example of how im doing weathering and highlighting on the rhinos as well as painting the lenses on the top hatch. I dont want to miss any details!
Thats it for now, this is just the first part of my journey to making a top notch army.
Stay tuned