Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slaanesh Squad Update + Rhino

I finished 3 of 6 marines for the slannesh squad. The other 3 are pretty much going to be quick to finish since their isnt much added to them, besides of course the guy with the power scythe. For him i plan to do some O.S.L on the weapon. I also finished their accompanying rhino.
I just did some freehand on the top, and on the chaos banner on the side. It really stands out from the dark red color of the rest of my vehicles. Can you guess what the banner says?
*pictures are a little blurry

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slaanesh themed squad W.I.P

Right now im working on my slaanesh themed squad-noise marines-. Like the berzerkers, they will show their allignment with the specific god, and still be tied in with the rest of the army. This is (needs to be cleaned up) my first test model ...

*the idea may seem familiar

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The List (2000pts)

HQ huron-170

HQ sorc w/lash-125

troops-(8)berkerkers, champ w/pfist, 2 plasma pistols- 238 + rhino w/extr armour,combimelta-60

troops-(8)plague marines,champ w/pfist,icon, 2 meltaguns-249 + rhino w/extr armour, combimelta-60

troops-(8)plague marines-249

troops-(6) noise marines, champ w/p.weapon ,doom siren, sonic blasters-195 + rhino w/extra armour,combi melta-60

heavy-5 oblits(1 squad of 2, 1 squad of 3)-375

heavy- landraider-220


its a list that im planning to play for a little while. Im thinking about replacing huron ,the sorc, and maybe a squad to fit in abaddon and 3 terminators. only problem with that is i will have one VERY expensive unit and less troops. As of now, its a pretty strong list.... Any ideas?

*EDIT the khorne berzerks and huron are in the land raider, and, the 2 plague marine squads, and the noise marines are in the 3 rhinos

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chaos army update

Time to introduce my chaos space marine army "The Red Legion". All are heavily converted and there is alot of freehand work. The army is not done, so i will be posting finished squads as well as w.i.p. You will see each squad, their rhinos, and anything that is currently being worked on. The first squad is Huron's berzerker retinue and their rhino. They need to be cleaned up but are pretty much done.

Chaos Sorcerer Finished

Had to do some minor changes, i changed the shoulder pad,and the right hand is not glowing anymore. Anyway... Here it is
*lighting isnt too good

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Painting Death Guard

Recently, i painted a squad of Death Guard for my chaos space marine army. I used the bruising effect i learned from Black Matt in order to get the rotted, corroded feel to the models(see his blog). I used knarloc green, rotting flesh, chesnut ink, mithril silver, and badab black.
Here's how i painted them:

Paint all armour knarloc green

Paint the trim mithril silver

Cover the whole model with a watered down chestnut ink(or any brown wash)

Use a water down rotting flesh and apply bruising on armour

Drybrush all trim areas with mithril silver

Wash all silver areas with badab black

*if the steps were not clear enough, here are some pictures of the finished products for refrence

comments welcome

Huron Blackheart: Underrated?

ok guys i played a game monday using Huron Blackheart. Hands down one of the most effective chaos lords in the codex. With 4 power fist attacks that can re roll hits and wounds(with a succsessful psychic test)and a built in heavy flamer he is truely a close combat monster(and pretty cheap at 170 points). the only problem however, is that like many chaos lords, one power fist does him in. Yesterday, i ran him with a squad of berzerkers(champ w/pfist, 2 plasma pistols)in a rhino. Mobility is always a plus, as well as being backed up by chaos marines that can hold their own, Huron is very tough. I assaulted a squad of terminators, and after 2 rounds of combat the terminators were bogged down by all the wounds and Huron killed the blood angels priest outright.Dealing 3 powerfist wounds! As well as being anti infantry, he also destroys most vehicles pretty easy. With this being said,i want to know why i dont see more chaos players feilding him? the dual lash is ALMOST useless now, since everyone runs mech armies and in order to get rid of these tanks,monsterous creatures,and independent characters, huron adds that extra punch to any chaos army.

*model painted by me