Monday, November 8, 2010

Themed Armies

Rogal Dorn and his Fists

For the past couple of weeks, ive been playing themed chaos lists: All khorne berzerkers led by Kharn, All noise marines and Lucius, etc. Ive got to say that playing Fluff themed list are so much fun and i recomend it to everyone. Although i do enjoy playing with competitive lists, the games are just not as exciting. Like a few days ago, i played my Noise marines led by lucius against an Imperial Fists army (also themed). I wont go into detail but towards the end of the game, lucius and his remaining noise marines charged into lysander and 10 terminators. the fight lasted 4 assault turns with lysander and lucius going head to head. Eventualy, lucius was killed by lysander, but not before dealing 3 wounds on the first company captain. It was truley an amazing game.
It just reminded me of how much fun this warhammer 40k really is. Replaying epic battles with great special characters. With this being said, my next project will be a Typhus zombie plague army( with the zombies being lesser daemons rule wise). So i will be updating progress on that, and expect a battle report of the Noise marine, Imperial fist battle!