Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chaos Wolf Lord

This is just an HQ for my chaos wolves whenever i play them. I used, a chaos havoc body, huron blackhearts arm, a bretonian shield with the iconography shaved off, and a khorne hound as a thunderwolf.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kharn the betrayer conversion #2

Heres my second and final incarnation of kharn. I personally hate the origional model beacause the pose is too static and not very exciting. Also with this one i put a lot more time in painting it. This was originally supposed to be my HQ for the BFS tournament, but changed my mind at the last minute. I used a chaos havoc body as base, ork arm converted with an old chaos terminator chainaxe, a converted csm head with kharns bunny ears, and a csm khorne shoulder pad to top it off.
Hope you enjoy it as much as i had making it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Question : What does twin-linked mean?

*stupid question* This is something thats been bugging me for a while now.

In a couple of games ive played my opponents always rolled two dice to represent something that is twin linked. I personally have always thought that twin linked means that you roll one die, re rolling it if it fails and accepting the second result. But some people tell me that you roll 2 dice with no re roll. Doing this means that there is a better chance of hitting the target than just re rolling one dice.

How do you play twin linked weapons? How are you supposed to play twin linked weapons?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update! + Finished Angron + Space wolves

Now that the BFS tournament is over, i can finally get back to posting. Hopefully getting new readers with some of the new content i will be putting up in the next few weeks. But why is there a space wolf codex in the picture?
As far as the tournament goes, i did very well and met some great people. My record ended up being 2-2(could have been 3-1 but my opponent in the last round took very long in doing his turns, i think on purpose, so we only got up to turn 4. I, without a doubt would have won that game) for day one. Only to lose in the bronze bracket in the first game the next day. It was a very close game though! we tied on the first 2 objectives, but he beat me by kill points. And above is my finished Angron, Primarch of the world eaters. It did more than turn a few heads at the tournament!

Another shot...

And to explain the space wolves codex, at the big apocalapse game that was hosted by Fritz on sunday, i won the headhunter award for killing 4 HQs. Not to mention that i only did it in 2 turns, with 8 obliterators! So i won a 20$ gift card to CBH. I didnt really want any models so i just bought the space wolf codex figuring it would be a good read. but as i was reading it, i became more and more inspired to make my own space wolf army/list.

Chaos wolves of course, so i made this guy as a wolf guard battle leader on a thunderwolf. Its a good change from playing CSM all the time. Plus, the conversion ideas are endless!

Since im using my chaos army to represent them, im making custom twin linked lascannons to put on my rhinos so they can represent razorbacks, but still remain rhinos so that i can use them when i play them as CSM. I think they came out great. Im probably going to be playing them as wolves for a little while just to get the feel of the codex.
Also, if anyone was wondering the list i ran at the tournament, here it is:
-mark of khorne
(8) csm-230
-champ w/pfist
-mark of glory
+rhino w/ extra armour
same- 230
(5) raptors-110
(3) oblits-225
(3) oblits-225
(2) oblits-150

Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Ready For The Tournament

A sneak peek at my display board (took 10 minutes to complete) just got to finish the the hill in the back. Thats Where angron will stand. And my rhinos(the white striped one is not finished). The list im using is one ive never test played with or anything of the sort, so this will be very interesting. Im very confident in my list though. I wont post that(the list), or my finished army until after the tournament.

and a quick picture of my almost done Angron. The theme for my army and display board is based off the background i found in the CSM codex called THE DOMINION OF FIRE which was basically a very long war led from the eye of terror by Angron, primarch of the world eaters. its on page 36 of the CSM codex if anyone is interested. I will not be using berzerkers in the tournament though!
Wish me luck..