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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chaos Sorcerer With Wings Conversion

I finally found my camera! Now back to the high quality pics. Anyway, about this guy. Hes 1.5 years in the making (with the right wings and head finally found thanks to the sanguinary guard set). I used all the painting techniques ive learned up to this point. It took me 2 weeks to paint(i worked on it every other day) and is by far my best painted model to date imo. Id appreciate any comments or tips to make the model better. I put alot of TLC in this and it is my favorite. I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking...

Close up on the viles of poison

C&C Appreciated

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Army Update: Fun with Greenstuff + Representing The Four Chaos Powers

Slaanesh Rhino

With the Slaanesh squad done, its time to focus on the nurgle themed squad. I really wanted them to fully represent being gifted by grandfather nurgle without being too much, and still showing that its part of one army.

It was either buy the forge world nurgle upgrades or save cash and sculpt my own. The choice was easy. I sculpted nurgle-esque helmets on the regular troops as well as tubes connecting to their armour. For the aspiring champion i kept the same head and just sculpted a bloated stomach, and added the tube to the helmet.

My sculpting skills are getting a little better....

This guy is my favorite. Basically he has a rotted jaw and a third arm protruding from his regular arm. All the green stuffed parts have to be painted as well as the third arm.

And heres their Rhino. Just subtle peices of pus and bubbles here and there. I didnt want it to look too nurgley. I think i might paint the yellow chaos symbols on it but idk yet.

Just to give you guys an idea of what im doing with the army. Its an undivided army that represents the four chaos powers. Heres the other rhinos:

** I accidently deleted my slaanesh rhino picture so its at the top



Group shot

And an extra rhino, just in case i run a list that uses 5 rhinos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CSM: Other ways to make a competitve list

With all these new armies that have came out, chaos really has been struggling. Just looking at the typical "net" list you see the same thing: 2 Daemon princes w/ whatever(Mark of slaanesh, lash, mark of nurgle, warptime) 2 squads of berzerks and 2 squads of plague marines (or just 4 squads of PMs) and of course Oblits. This isnt the only way to win? Is it? Dont get me wrong it is a good list, but one thing i think it lacks is firepower. Oblits can only target 3 things per turn, with a max of three shots per squad if its not plasma cannons. The way ive seen people play nowadays especially with the space marine codexes, there is just spam coming out the (***) with autocannon dreds, speeders with missles, long fangs, preds, razorbacks, etc.
By the time their shooting phase is done all your rhinos are destroyed. And with psychic powers like null zone daemon princes are down to their last few wounds.

For awhile now ive been playtesting all the units in the codex to see what else works and what doesent. Heres what i came up with:

Plague marines are way too expensive and reg. csm are the better choice. Saves you tons of points for other units.

Daemon Princes are hands down the best HQ in the codex for their price. Imo, lords and sorcerers are just not that great. They usually only work in close range and they can get instant killed.

Chosen and possessed, i dont know. Sometimes their good, sometimes their not so good.

I think terminators are ok. They make good support squads, i just wouldnt give them any mark other then mark of glory just to save points.

I like the chaos dred. for only 125 you can get a twin linked las and missle launcher. I dont mind i going fire frenzybecause it only shoots at what it sees in front of it and i always keep it distant from majority of my army but put it in front of a squad of oblits. Just dont roll a 6. I havent yet.

All the other troop choices are too expensive. Noise marines would be great if they had an option to take meltaguns or plasma guns.

If your taking rhinos, always add extra armour

Spawn = No

I love bikers. A small squad of 3 with 2 meltaguns are great at controlling the opponents movements. Super cheap and very effective

Raptors are alright but i prefer bikes

Havocs are great. A 5 man squad with 4 autocannons will pretty much allways kill something a turn. I use that for rhinos, razorbacks (same thing), and storm ravens.

Dont need to say much about oblits. So i wont

I dont like Preds,vindicators, or defilers just because i think theres better options but ive seen people make them work.

Despite being expensive land raiders are cool, although i prefer giving them D.possesion so that they can fire all their weapons.

Heres a list i made:

D. Prince-160
-mark of slaanesh

(3) terminators-105
-mark of glory
-combi melta

Land Raider-240
D. possesion

-missle launcher

(7) csm-215
-champ w/pfist
-icon of glory
*Rhino w/ extra armour

(3) bikes-119
2 meltaguns

(3) oblits-225
(3) oblits-225
(5) Havocs-155
-4 autocannons

Total 1999

Basically, the landraider with termis stays back and shoots, until the enemy comes close enough for assault or if i need to contest an objective. As i said above the Dred, oblits, and havocs also hang back and shoot. Depending on waht the situation is, i will run the daemon prince up behind the landraider too just give the opponent something else to shoot at while i run up with the DP. the Bikers are there to rush up and more or less control what the ememy shoots at and destroy any vehicles in its way. Their also good for contesting. While all this is going on the 3 rhinos just capture objectives.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Army Update: Slaanesh Themed Squad Gets Upgraded

Well, I got my hands on the sanguinary guard boxset and i gotta say, these models are beautiful. So beautiful in fact that i converted them with my slaanesh themed squad. I have to finish highlighting the black parts and drill out the gun barrels, but other than that there done. Heres some before and after pics:

(After) After

*** By the way, i lost my camera so now ive been taking pics with my iphone. So excuse the quality***

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rules Question: Can This Be Done?

I dont have a rulebook so im not sure, but can i have abaddon and 3 terminators in a landraider and 3 squads of 2 oblits? Im asking because in the codex it says that terminators can have a LR as a dedicated transport which means it wouldnt count as a heavy (at least thats what i think) and i still can have my 3 heavy slots for something else. Also, if i can do this, can abaddon be with the dedicated squad and will it still count not count as a heavy?