Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Heldrakes are Better Than One

 Ive been able to attend a few tournaments recently. I placed 3rd at a toywiz event and did well at a tournament in CT, placing 6th out of 20+ players going 2-1 only losing by 1 vp to UltraBob's Necron/Greyknights.I think chaos is a really tough army when used properly.
But the unit that really shines now is the heldrake. One is cool, three is excessive, but 2 is the perfect amount. Those things are annoying, especially if you have other threats for your opponent to deal with backfield . And now with the new FAQ stating that Heldrakes are turret mounted!, there is no limit to the range of damage they can cause.
This leaves me with a slight problem. Now i have two Heldrakes ( i bought one with the prize money from toywiz). I dont want to paint it like the one i finished now as it takes soo long to do with blending the green and blue as well as all the detail the heldrake has already. So i want to do an alternative Alpha legion color scheme for it. Any suggestions?
And heres a juggernaut lord i made out of boredom. Ill most likely never use it but it looks kinda cool so i guess that counts! I have so many sets of the dark vengance chosen that ive made a couple of wacky lords with them.

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