Saturday, February 25, 2012

1850 CSM list: Tough? You decide

Played in an 1850 tournament recently and got 3rd place ( i actually could have got best painted too but you cant win 2 prizes). I was very suprised at how great the daemons in the csm codex are. Ive had much practice with this list and ive played against all the armys that i thought would give me a hard time. IG in kill points games seem to really be the only thing thats hard for me to handle. In that situation i really need to go first, but overall this is a list where going first or second dosent really matter. Everything works well together in this list. No weak links. To up this to 2000 i would just add a noise marine squad with a blastmaster. Another fearless unit and another str 8 48" shot. Everything in my army is fearless (except the havocs but they have an icon). It covers every aspect that an army needs (long range, mid range, close range) so its really balanced. Im currently 4-1 with this list with the 1 being that KP game vs ig a rematch is def. needed.


Daemon prince - 155
-lash, wings
Daemon prince -155
Greater Daemon- 100


Dreadnought- 100
-missles, dread ccw


x3 (5) plague marines - 205
-champ w/meltabomb,2 meltaguns,p. icon
*Rhino w/combi plasma
(5) plague marines - 195
-champ w/meltabomb, 1 melta, p.icon
*Rhino w/combi plasma
(5) lesser daemons - 65


(2) oblits -150
(2) oblits -150
Havocs - 165
-4 missles, icon of glory
total = 1850

i got  55$ in store credit so i picked up this guy. I saw him on the GW website and the first thing that came to mind was KHARN. So this is my kharn now i just got to paint him.

 and i picked up a chaos warriors set. Chosen is what i have in mind for these.
chaos Sanguior w.i.p

Oh and i was checking out the blood angels codex and i really want to try some lists out. Particularly a mephiston sanguinor combo. Im gonna make some models and conversions so i can play around with some stuff. I really just want a reason to make more conversions!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chaos Army Update: Chaos Dreadnought Done

Tried  strippling for the first time to give the black some depth. Really tired, but id appericiate some feedback.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chaos Army Update: Daemon Prince #2 Done + Greater Daemon

With #2 down and my Greater Daemon done, I can finally focus back on my other squads. For this guy i used skull takers head on the old daemon prince body, and the new plastic daemonprince wings and arm. Couldnt think of how to paint the sword so i left it black...for now.

Epidimius will be my greater daemon as he is one of the coolest models in my opinion.

My two princes together.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Movie of the summer!

Does it get any better than this?