Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PH Imperial Fists Update: Rogal Dorn

Here is the finished Rogal Dorn.

Not sure if the pictures do the model justice. Painting it will be the hardest part for me because i want the gold armour to come out perfect. I honestly dont know what primer color to start with or what golds(if any golds at all, maybe NMM)to use. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.


I ended up taking off the imperial fist symbol on the right leg

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Work In Progress..

I dont have my camera right now but ill have pictures up by tuesday. Ive been planning this for a while now and its finally coming together . A pre heresy imperial fist army. I started with building and converting Rogal Dorn himself. He actualy looks just like the artwork above so it shouldnt disapoint. The model is finished and all i have to do now is paint it, which will most likley be the hardest part because i want it to look perfect. To accompany the primarch will be 120 space marines. Im making sure that they will be true to the pre heresy background down to every detail. So far i have none but if things workout well, i should have enough(at least 100). They will be quick and easy to paint since i practiced on a couple of models so i might have them done by october. Thats my goal, and i promise to not make another post without some real pictures!

Monday, August 23, 2010

1750 Khorne List

Ive finalized my khorne list.Played with it monday against Tau . I wont get into too many details but i will say that this list is 100% effective and may or not be my new competitve list. I won with a massacre. Playing it the way i did, made it a very straight foward list. I literally just moved the max 12 inches with all 4 of my rhinos and my landraider with kharn right into the middle of the table. Also moving my defiler 6 inches into cover and shooting the battle cannon. My opponent destroyed 2 of my rhinos on his turn, but it was already too late. By 2nd turn, everything was in assault range. The khorne berzerkers destroyed vehicles with ease, since they have plasma pistols and get the extra strenght from furious charge and have power fists. Kharn, well, hes kharn, the landraider moved 12 and kharn jumped out and assaulted. Killing 6 kroot out of 12 on the first try. Since the defiler gets 6 attacks on the charge with a strengh of 10, it is really hard to not kill something. I just moved 6 inches and fleeted another 4, putting me in assult range with a squad of tau suits that tried to shot me on his turn 1. I killed 2 out of 3 then he failed his leadership and i tried to catch him and did, thus killing the last one. From then on it was just a kill fest. kharn killed 2 squads of kroot and a squad of fire warriors. The berzerkers just assulted everything, and anything. When a massacre roll was given i just moved them as close to an enemy unit as possible. By turn 4, all that was left was a devilfish. The list was meant to be a "fun" list. With every move i just thought "what would khorne do?" any chance i got to assault with the defiler, i did. I wasted no oppourtunites and no time. With an army whos only long range weapons are 2 twinlinked lascannons and a battle cannon, you just cant waste any time getting towards the enemy. I never got to use the combi meltas, but their still good to have just in case.
What do you guys think?The main idea is to give my opponent alot of diffrent targets. They see kharn in a LR coming at them so they may focus on him, but then theres 4 rhinos full of berzerkers on the right side, if thats not enough, theres a defiler rushing towards you on the left! Anyway, heres the list...


8khorne berzerkers(champ w/pfist, 2 plasma guns) rhino w/ extra armour, combi melta-298




defiler w/ 2cc arms-150

landraider-240 d.possesion


REAL Chaos Space Marines!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blood for the Blood God!

Ive have been playing my "competitive" list consisting of the lash, oblit, plague marine spam about 4 times, and i am already getting tired of the whole idea. I mean, there are more ways to win games, and tournaments for that matter than using the same 3 boring units right? Although ive had a great amount of success with it, i feel that its time to branch out and see what else the chaos gods have to offer. With that being said, heres a cool 1750 list ive wanted to try out for a while(and i will on monday hopefully). Its Khorne with a capital Kill, Maim, burn! I dont even want to get into too much detail so here it is...


8berzerkers(1 champ w/p fist, 2 plasma pistols) rhino w/extra armour, combi melta-298

same as above- 298

same as above- 298

same as above- 298

defiler w/ 2 cc arms- 150

landraider w/ daemonic possesion-240

Whoa did i just do that? Basically kharn leads the charge in the landraider. All the rhinos rush up with him while the defiler scurries across the table laying down the battle cannon. Everything moves max 12 inches first turn popping smoke of course, then by second turn kharn and all his friends are in your face. "I am the Eightfold path, There is no Way off the Path. We must only go Further"

call it crazy but it just might work.
*EDIT * I replaced Abaddon to increase all squads to 8 men each.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tzeench Squad Almost Done + Updates

Finished(sort of) 5 out of 8 tzeench marines.
This is definatley becoming my favorite squad to work on. It took a long time to get these planned out and done. I went through my bitz box looking for some inpiration and i came across a couple of old bretonian bowmen. Knowing that i would most likley never use them again, i decide to cut them in half, leaving only the bottom part of the robes. The torsos of the marines fit perfectly on top of them so all i had to do was cut legs and get them to fit on the robes. Not an easy task and i lost many good marines doing so. I guess it was for the best(tzeench's plan) since i ended up with some very unique looking models.Their eyes are supposed to be glowing with energy. A personal favorite of mine is the one floating in air with psycic energy. I have one more of the robed guys to finish and 2 aspiring sorcerers that i will be converting as melta gun carriers.
* i changed the head of my nurgle themed aspiring champ to a berzerker head, and im working on my new sorcerer. I will be puttung alot of work into this guy, hopefully becoming my masterpiece(golden demon?) so ill be frequently updating progress.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slaanesh finished,Nurgle finished,Tzeench W.I.P

3 down, one to go.

I finished the slaanesh and nurgle themed squads. There is always room for improvement, but as of now they are finished. I based the nurgle squad off of "the cleaved" legion found in the codex CSM. They have oil and pus leaking from the joints of their armour. It was very simple and effective i belive. And heres a quick peak of the aspiring champ for the tzeench squad.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

09 Pre Heresy Death Guard

Something a little different...
Heres my pre heresy Death Guard army I made last year. Took me a year and a half to get it done,and it was inspired by the flight of the eisenstein book. I put a lot of TLC in this project. From the jawabases to the scratch built special characters (captain Typhon ,Ignatius Grulgor and the primarch himself), i tried to capture every detail. I ended up selling the army and starting my chaos space marines. Unfortunatly, there is no other recordings or photos for this army besides these pictures and video from Black Matts blog and Fritz' youtube channel. Just thought i should share..

*my army is at 8:58

Friday, August 6, 2010

Abaddon the Despoiler

I found this abaddon in a bitz box i had.The body was already painted so i just added on from there.I based him on the "black crusades"picture. Did some minor conversions, but really tried to keep the paint job neat and detailed.I Also modified the talon of horus and the face a little to match the artwork. Dont plan on using him much, except 2500 pt games , but its always good to have ready just in case.Definatly not my best work but it will do for now. Im also working on his chosen, but thats for another time. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Work In Progress....

Cometh The Despoiler