Friday, January 18, 2013

People are calling the chaos codex a "faildex"

I originally posted this on B&C.

"I'm tired of seeing posts like these on the Internet. The chaos codex is a very well balanced book. The only thing  I could see players complaining about is the lack of legion rules. The problem is that some are trying to compare units from other codex'. Don't. Before you make assumptions don't just run around saying "this is crap, I'm so dissapointed, space marines do it better". Every codex has things that make them unique,( Gks have the psy bolt and all the extra stuff. Necrons have they're flyers and other unique rules. Blood angels have fast vehicles and so on) not only that but at least try units out on the table before you say something as bold as "faildex".

I play at tournaments frequently and I've had success numerous times with this so called faildex. In a competitive environment where you are up against the gk lists, the necron airs etc this book holds up well because just like them we have units that are unique and if used properly can win games( yes mutilators included) you have to think outside the box sometimes, i know it's hard to do when you've got people spouting all kinds of comparisons as to why things are bad. And I'm not just saying this for no reason, the new codex is a big step up from the last one. There's so many great combinations you can make.

As far as fluff and not having legions specific units It does kind suck that we still don't have em but there's nothing stopping you from running that feel no pain termi squad, Mok gives them rage and counter attack etc. Not to mention, every unit can take a mark now so you can run that all slaanesh army or all khorne, nurgle, tzeench. Also I noticed that they tried to add a unit for each legion( cultists alpha legion, apostle word bearers, warp smith iron warriors, warp talons, night lords, then berzerkers etc..) they are in the right direction in that regards.

In the 4th Ed codex there wasn't alot of variety. It was bland and everyone complained about there just not being enough options. They fixed that by giving us plenty of options and now some complain that they aren't good compared to certain units. Maybe those people should just stop playing chaos.Go play that other book that's so good instead of making posts on here complaining about it constantly. This army may just not be for you. And I'm saying this a a person who started from the 3.5 codex. I've been through the changes and dealt with it. The 3.5 to 4 th dex was a dissapointment and I think they fixed alot of what hurt that codex in this one."

What do you think about the new codex? Do you think it really is a "faildex"? Or Is it a big improvement from the previous edition?


Ian Logsdon said...

I'm with you as a defender of Chaos, I really don't get the complaints. Yes, you have to use allies, but so does every codex. Anyone who doesn't take allies puts themselves at a disadvantage because it opens up 6 extra FOC slots for the cost of an HQ. The book is seriously an improvement, it introduced a lot of cool little units (although I hate the warp talons' rules and am meh on the daemon walkers being AV 12), and it gave us a very rare talent: the book can take super-elite, elite, and chaff units as troops. I'm excited for my Death Guard, and soon I'll be working on my Red Corsairs. I hope that they bring me victory (although I can't play them at my next tournament because I won't have my Heldrakes by then, so its Astral Claws for me).

BDS said...

The fact that there is no "easy win" button or multiple "auto-include" buttons for army building will always upset a segment of our gaming population.

Von said...

What irritates me about the pissing and moaning is that it's coming from a crowd which customarily embraces counts-as and has done since the previous Chaos 'dex dropped; that it's directed at things like combat squads and 'And They Shall Know No Fear' which loyalists have had and Chaos haven't since second edition; that it doesn't seem to acknowledge that the strength of Chaos is in the things they have that others don't, rather than the things they have that others have better. It's quite vexing.

lil will said...

Thanks for the resposes guys. I guess some players will never be pleased.