Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alpha Legion Chaos Terminator Lord

Had to make a proper chaos lord for my army. Was really fun to paint, especially the face. Lots of blending on the armour. Even gave him earrings. I wanted to give him a pose that made it look like he just got finished ripping the head off of a blood angel and now is charging the next enemy!


Anonymous said...

It looks like he could have used a bit of bulking out in the waist. I also see some stray mould lines in the trophy racks. The paint job, however, is very nice. The green looks smooth and his face looks like he's spent a few days straight in the fight, with no opportunity to wash off the sweat and crud.

lil will said...

Thanks, yea i should've removed the mold lines. I always miss them when im painting until i post the picture up! And he does look a bit top heavy, but i dont know what else i couldve done without cluttering the model.