Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rules Question: Can This Be Done?

I dont have a rulebook so im not sure, but can i have abaddon and 3 terminators in a landraider and 3 squads of 2 oblits? Im asking because in the codex it says that terminators can have a LR as a dedicated transport which means it wouldnt count as a heavy (at least thats what i think) and i still can have my 3 heavy slots for something else. Also, if i can do this, can abaddon be with the dedicated squad and will it still count not count as a heavy?


sonsoftaurus said...


You could in theory have three squads of termies each with a LR as dedicated transport and still have all three HS slots open.

Yes, Abby can attach and ride and even start the game with the squad in their dedicated transport, though he could not start in it alone. Still only counts as part of the termies' Elite slot, not a Heavy.

lil will said...

Wow, this just made the CSM codex slot better imo