Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chaos Sorcerer With Wings Conversion

I finally found my camera! Now back to the high quality pics. Anyway, about this guy. Hes 1.5 years in the making (with the right wings and head finally found thanks to the sanguinary guard set). I used all the painting techniques ive learned up to this point. It took me 2 weeks to paint(i worked on it every other day) and is by far my best painted model to date imo. Id appreciate any comments or tips to make the model better. I put alot of TLC in this and it is my favorite. I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking...

Close up on the viles of poison

C&C Appreciated


Muskie said...

Not bad at all. Here are some more techniques to learn or at least read about:

sonsoftaurus said...

Looks impressive! Definitely would stand out.

I think he's notable if nothing else for taking a Huron conversion so far; I don't think I've see one with that much surgery/extra stuff before!

It might be the pics/angles, but the bare arm seems a lot bulkier than the armored arm. Of course, being a Chaos figure this isn't really a big problem and may even be intentional!

lil will said...


Thanks. I'm gonna use some of your techniques for my nurgle squad!


Thank you. Yea the arm is pretty huge, i figured the bulky arm would make up for the face which dosent look really chaos- like