Thursday, July 14, 2011

Army Update: Fun with Greenstuff + Representing The Four Chaos Powers

Slaanesh Rhino

With the Slaanesh squad done, its time to focus on the nurgle themed squad. I really wanted them to fully represent being gifted by grandfather nurgle without being too much, and still showing that its part of one army.

It was either buy the forge world nurgle upgrades or save cash and sculpt my own. The choice was easy. I sculpted nurgle-esque helmets on the regular troops as well as tubes connecting to their armour. For the aspiring champion i kept the same head and just sculpted a bloated stomach, and added the tube to the helmet.

My sculpting skills are getting a little better....

This guy is my favorite. Basically he has a rotted jaw and a third arm protruding from his regular arm. All the green stuffed parts have to be painted as well as the third arm.

And heres their Rhino. Just subtle peices of pus and bubbles here and there. I didnt want it to look too nurgley. I think i might paint the yellow chaos symbols on it but idk yet.

Just to give you guys an idea of what im doing with the army. Its an undivided army that represents the four chaos powers. Heres the other rhinos:

** I accidently deleted my slaanesh rhino picture so its at the top



Group shot

And an extra rhino, just in case i run a list that uses 5 rhinos.

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