Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tzeench Squad Almost Done + Updates

Finished(sort of) 5 out of 8 tzeench marines.
This is definatley becoming my favorite squad to work on. It took a long time to get these planned out and done. I went through my bitz box looking for some inpiration and i came across a couple of old bretonian bowmen. Knowing that i would most likley never use them again, i decide to cut them in half, leaving only the bottom part of the robes. The torsos of the marines fit perfectly on top of them so all i had to do was cut legs and get them to fit on the robes. Not an easy task and i lost many good marines doing so. I guess it was for the best(tzeench's plan) since i ended up with some very unique looking models.Their eyes are supposed to be glowing with energy. A personal favorite of mine is the one floating in air with psycic energy. I have one more of the robed guys to finish and 2 aspiring sorcerers that i will be converting as melta gun carriers.
* i changed the head of my nurgle themed aspiring champ to a berzerker head, and im working on my new sorcerer. I will be puttung alot of work into this guy, hopefully becoming my masterpiece(golden demon?) so ill be frequently updating progress.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Very nice looking. I am guessing the squad is a chosen squad? They look very deadly, the robe conversion looks great.

Black Matt said...

are you going to go to Games Day? THe club isnt going to have a table this year because of people having to bail.

lil will said...

@Magilla Gurilla

no their just a regular troop squad

@Black Matt

I thought there were no more tickets? I guess i cant go since theres no club table. are you going?

Support By Fire said...

You got some good looking Chaos Marines going on, cant wait to see more.