Friday, August 20, 2010

Blood for the Blood God!

Ive have been playing my "competitive" list consisting of the lash, oblit, plague marine spam about 4 times, and i am already getting tired of the whole idea. I mean, there are more ways to win games, and tournaments for that matter than using the same 3 boring units right? Although ive had a great amount of success with it, i feel that its time to branch out and see what else the chaos gods have to offer. With that being said, heres a cool 1750 list ive wanted to try out for a while(and i will on monday hopefully). Its Khorne with a capital Kill, Maim, burn! I dont even want to get into too much detail so here it is...


8berzerkers(1 champ w/p fist, 2 plasma pistols) rhino w/extra armour, combi melta-298

same as above- 298

same as above- 298

same as above- 298

defiler w/ 2 cc arms- 150

landraider w/ daemonic possesion-240

Whoa did i just do that? Basically kharn leads the charge in the landraider. All the rhinos rush up with him while the defiler scurries across the table laying down the battle cannon. Everything moves max 12 inches first turn popping smoke of course, then by second turn kharn and all his friends are in your face. "I am the Eightfold path, There is no Way off the Path. We must only go Further"

call it crazy but it just might work.
*EDIT * I replaced Abaddon to increase all squads to 8 men each.


Magilla Gurilla said...

The one problem I see with the list is the lack of firepower. You have a decent amount of assault ability, but if you face a shooty army that wants to sit on the back of the table, you will have trouble getting to them as they will decimate your transports. Additionally, you lack of firepower limits your options when dealing with fast flyers and late game contesting of objectives.

Just my 2 cents

lil will said...

@Maguilla Gurilla

im fully aware that i have virtually no firepower, aside from the lascannons, and battle cannon. Its risky but ill have to try it first before i scrap it