Monday, August 23, 2010

1750 Khorne List

Ive finalized my khorne list.Played with it monday against Tau . I wont get into too many details but i will say that this list is 100% effective and may or not be my new competitve list. I won with a massacre. Playing it the way i did, made it a very straight foward list. I literally just moved the max 12 inches with all 4 of my rhinos and my landraider with kharn right into the middle of the table. Also moving my defiler 6 inches into cover and shooting the battle cannon. My opponent destroyed 2 of my rhinos on his turn, but it was already too late. By 2nd turn, everything was in assault range. The khorne berzerkers destroyed vehicles with ease, since they have plasma pistols and get the extra strenght from furious charge and have power fists. Kharn, well, hes kharn, the landraider moved 12 and kharn jumped out and assaulted. Killing 6 kroot out of 12 on the first try. Since the defiler gets 6 attacks on the charge with a strengh of 10, it is really hard to not kill something. I just moved 6 inches and fleeted another 4, putting me in assult range with a squad of tau suits that tried to shot me on his turn 1. I killed 2 out of 3 then he failed his leadership and i tried to catch him and did, thus killing the last one. From then on it was just a kill fest. kharn killed 2 squads of kroot and a squad of fire warriors. The berzerkers just assulted everything, and anything. When a massacre roll was given i just moved them as close to an enemy unit as possible. By turn 4, all that was left was a devilfish. The list was meant to be a "fun" list. With every move i just thought "what would khorne do?" any chance i got to assault with the defiler, i did. I wasted no oppourtunites and no time. With an army whos only long range weapons are 2 twinlinked lascannons and a battle cannon, you just cant waste any time getting towards the enemy. I never got to use the combi meltas, but their still good to have just in case.
What do you guys think?The main idea is to give my opponent alot of diffrent targets. They see kharn in a LR coming at them so they may focus on him, but then theres 4 rhinos full of berzerkers on the right side, if thats not enough, theres a defiler rushing towards you on the left! Anyway, heres the list...


8khorne berzerkers(champ w/pfist, 2 plasma guns) rhino w/ extra armour, combi melta-298




defiler w/ 2cc arms-150

landraider-240 d.possesion



Magilla Gurilla said...

Congrats on the victory. You really should try this army out against one of the newer codices: IG, Space Wolves or Blood Angels. Let us know how it does.

jabberjabber said...

This is a terrific list with multiple redundancy built in. The two defilers are especially frightening and should serve the army very effectively.