Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord Conversion

 Apart from the Helbrute, I havent painted any of the chaos stuff from the dark vengance set. So i decided to try to paint the chaos lord. I replaced the sword with something different because the one it came with looked funny to me. Im gonna use green stuff on the shoulder where i cut the sword hand off and fill it in with more fur. The sword was painted to look like it had souls trapped inside it hence the smokey effect. This is also the first time ive done chipping on power armour so i hope it came out ok. I really do like this model, and i may just change my list around for the BFS tournament to use it..


Luis Ed(Agramar) said...

Awesome!But powerarmor is not too green?

Dai said...

Nice conversion to make the fig more dynamic.
Might be the picture, but the blacks look a little flat? I see the edge highlights, did you shade the rest?

lil will said...

@ Agramar

Yea im starting to notice it now. It is very green, ill try and fix that.

@ Dai

Thanks for pointing that out, I was kinda lazy on the cape and the bolt pistol but ill go back and add some highlights. I dont want to use grey so ill try a different color. Any ideas?

Dai said...

I see a lot of painters use various subtle blues as well as greys and it might be a good tie in with the blues and green of the armour?
Black is a pain to shade no doubt as the obvious "not want it to look grey" effect is too easily stumbled into. This tutorial is pretty good and although uses grey, I'm sure blue can be used instead as an alternative should you choose that route.

lil will said...

Thanks Dai! I'll try it out and make a post.

David Robinson said...

Looks great. I like the mixture of blues and greens for the shading.

For shading black, look at P3 coal black. Very cool black/blue hue I am using to shade my black stuff with now. Check out Privateer Press' gallery to see how they do black, made me change my style.

lil will said...

Thanks David, I'll check it out.