Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Inspiration to Paint

My goal is to one day win a Golden Daemon. Im always trying new ways to better my self as a painter. It really helps when you have people who are great painters at your club and can give you tips to take your models a step further.
         A few days ago Mike Cho came by our LGS and dropped off some of his amazing models to put in a display case in the store. One of them was his 2011 silver golden daemon winning bloodletter on juggernaut. All these models have made first cut in past golden daemons. It was featured in this september's white dwarf and can be found on the GW site. He talked to me about different techniques to try to get the most out of my models as well as the time and dedication it takes to create amazing figures.
   This is the the type of inspiration i use as motivation to make models that can look good on the table, and hopefully win some awards to show for the hard work put into them. This is why i started the blog in the first place; a portfolio to keep track of my progression as a painter. Seeing some great pieces done by others will give you ideas to try out on your own figures. From there you can set goals for yourself to get a certain amount of models done to a specific standard and build from there.

What inspires you paint? What do you do to keep yourself motivated?


Das Reich said...

Awsome minis

Dai said...

What inspires me? Seeing other cool and different works/schemes. People who step outside of the expected normal or studio schemes. Then I think to myself that I can try the same.
To keep motivated is hard for me. I have no Golden Daemon aspirations so no inclination to worry about advanced techniques - I just want my models to look good by my own standards. I also do not play (though I'd like to.) so getting an army to fully painted has yet to be a strong motivating force behind my hobby time. I guess at least right now my one motivation is to try to get as much of my queue done as possible before the new shiny sculpts manage to ensnare my attention enough to buy, thereby making my queue even larger. :)

lil will said...

Great response Dai.Hopefully you will start playing soon!