Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dark Vengance is Here! + Updated Pics

 Just got mine and wow is all i can say. GW has really outdone themselves. Every model has amazing detail. One that really stood out was the limited editon chaplain who has a detailed base already included. But honestly every model in the set is well done.

 Im gonna have alot of fun converting this guy into a chaos sorcerer....

....and the rulebook is great. Its in full color (as is everything in the set, includng the instructions book) and its basically the big rulebook minus the fluff. This set is definitely worth the money. Im going to start building and painting the hellbrute tonight and will most likely have it finished and posted in a day or two. Oh and one thing noticed is that the hellbrute is no bigger than a regular forgeworld chaos dread.


Dai said...

Thankyou sir for that Dread/Hellbrute comparison picture! Was worried my recently painted Forgeworld dread was going to be outshined by this new monster.

lil will said...

No problem Dai.
I felt the same way you did!