Friday, August 31, 2012

Dark Vengance Chosen Conversions + Hellbrute W.I.P

 As soon as i first saw the pictures of the starter set and its contents, i thought out how i was going to convert the models. So when i got the set i started right away making the proper conversions that i had planned for so long.
 Made the two bolter duplicates carry meltaguns.
 Changed the Chaos lord's weapons to a hammer (counts as axe) and a boltpistol.

 Made the Dark angels librarian into a chaos sorcerer by shaving off the DA iconography and adding a force axe. That pose was just too good not to convert to chaos!

 I decided to leave these guys as they are because i want some diversity in the weapon choices.
and i started work on the Hellbrute. Just primed and washed for now. Next step is to start the blending from blue to green on the armour.


thecandyman said...

Great inspiration, are painting up my set now (waiting for bases to dry..) Keep up the nice blogging dude!

lil will said...

Thank you for the kind words. Can't wait to see your finished set!