Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alpha Legion Army Update

 Here are some of my basic marines and a rhino. All of them are based off of chaos warriors. I really like the bulky look it gives them.
Also i wanted everyone in the army to have cloaks as a unifying theme.
 I have to put a boltpistol arm on him but this is what all my champions look like.

 I wanted my plasma guns to be purple as opposed to blue because it is a good contrasting color, and in all the 40k video games the chaos marine plasma guns are either red or purple.

 For the rhino i did some blending. It didnt take as long as i thought it would since i only used two colors to do the blending.

                         In all there are 24 finished and based marines. I really like the way they look when theyre all together.


MiCho said...

Will, looking great so far. I thought that the Alpha Legion were a bit darker, but having the lighter green stand out more is pretty good looking.

The blending on the tank looks really good. The transition is clean and hard to tell where there is a break in between the two paints.

Are you planning on doing freehand work on the tank?

lil will said...

Thanks Mike. I want to do freehand on it, I just dont know how to go about doing it.Would I have to do blending on the freehand to match the model?Its hard for me to explain.