Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pre Heresy Storm Shields and Mortarion W.I.P

My order from  came in. Im really suprised at how fast it took for it to arrive. Ordered on monday, came on wednsday. I will definatley keep going there for more bits! I got 2 packs of "mechanical sheilds" by Maxmini. Ive seen some artworks from the Horus Heresy and a few of their novel covers and they show some marines using sheilds that look similar to these. They remind me of riot shields. Ive got enough for my 20 terminators and i think they will complete the preheresy look im going for.

 Also i got started on my mortarion. I didnt have plans on actually using it in game but now its actually coming out pretty good. Ill probably only use it if im playing a termi librarian who will be represented by Typhon (fluff wise it makes sense) and use mortarion as belial. The base model is the LoTR sauron model which stands at the perfect height of a primarch. As decribed in the books, a normal marine is half the size of mortarion and he is very thin. I gave him the sensor that contains poisonous gases, and ill probably add more once i get some. I think there from the dark angels sprue. I have to greenstuff his hood and add tubes underneath the chestplate,and i have no idea how im going to do the other arm. Any suggestions would really help.

 size comparison to typhon
size comparison to reg terminators

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