Monday, May 28, 2012

Painting Alpha Legion

  Ive always loved the alpha legion and after reading some of the fluff from recent books ive decided to start a new chaos army. I already have a plan for the army (using warriors of chaos as a base for all the regular marines and ive made some human operatives based on the "legion" book but more on that later.) but before i can do anything i had to get the color right first. Ive looked around for tutorials and i noticed that some use just blue and silver as the main colors while others throw green in aswell. I personally have always imagined them having blueish-green armour. No scales, as i see the AL as being a plain, not trying to stand out kind of legion. Hiding in plain sight kind of thing. Its hard for me to explain.

 after experimenting with some methods to try and get the right color i realized that 2 simple colors are all it takes to make a cool AL color scheme.

Goblin Green and enchanted blue, blended together give a very nice look that adds depth to the model. And its quick to do, but knowing how to "wet blend" is key. As soon as you get that painting technique down everything else will come easy.

Once i finish this dread and find my camera ill put up better pics, for right now its iphone quality.

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