Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pre Heresy Death Guard (Deathwing) W.I.P

 Just a quick post on an army ive been working on for the past month. I did a pre heresy deathguard army back in 09 and i after i sold it i kinda stopped caring about the whole heresy thing. After reading "Flight of the Eisenstien" i felt inspired again. This time to make an elite army of Mortarions most trusted warriors of the first company.So above is my Typhon/Belial. I went against the trading card artwork that shows him in dark grey armour because i want the army to be unified in color. They are all gonna be TH/SS termies so i ordered 2 packs of mechanical sheilds from Maxmini since they fit the pre heresy look which is why other than Typhon( who also counts as a TH/SS) they all are missing shield hands .

 cyclon missle
 3 Typhoon/multi melta speeders all modeled after the speeders from the HH artwork. All i need is a fin on top of each of the speeders. I just have to do the small details on each one.

Heres to show i have a lot more termies done but i dont have time to take them all out and take pics.This was just a rush post but next post i will take better pictures of the whole army and its progress

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