Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tournament Approved: Part 2

After talking to UltraBob about the list i was going to use for the tournament , i realized that even though the old list with was effective.. against the current "competitve" armys that are being used(space wolves,blood angels,imperial guard), it is lacking some well needed firepower. So i came up with this. I really want to try this one out. If successful, i will be using it in the tournament. I havent played against space wolves yet so their first on my list.
(6)CSM (champ w/pfist, icon of chaos glory, meltagun)+rhino w/extra armour-200
(5) noise marines(4 sonic blasters)-120
(3)terminators(icon of glory,2 combi meltas, heavy flamer-115
(6) oblits (2 squads of 3)-450
landraider(d. possesion)-240
Definatley not as simple as the other list. I gave abaddon 3 terminators to accompany him in the landraider. Since majority of my units arent fearless, giving them icon of chaos glory is almost a must. The last thing i want is to have my troops get massacred in assault. The oblits are definatly a plus. The noise marines were really just to fill up the extra points. It also dosent hurt that they are fearless and initiative 5. They will probably just sit on the closest objective, or accompany another unit.
** The list is a little diffrent now but i wont keep editing the same post**


AutarchAndrew said...

why not an vindicator or an defiler.With the rise of space wolves your going to see alot of thunderwolves tricked out and there weakness is a pie plate death.

lil will said...


Ive been playtesting with the defiler and it dosent really have a big impact on my game, which is why i replaced both the dred and defiler for 6 oblits which have plasmacannons and all the other usefull weapons.Vindicators just arent that great to me.

AutarchAndrew said...

I forgot about the plasma on the oblitz you should do fine.remember when facing a gun line if you cant out shoot them stun them to prevent them for blasting holes in your army.first turn is also very important in this day and age of alpha strike.