Monday, September 6, 2010

PH Imperial Fist Update

Here is my first set of marines with some yellow paint. It took me about 10 minutes to paint them all. I sprayed white krylon primer and just used a watered down golden yellow for a clean finish. i was going to wash them with badab black to make them dirty, but since this is pre heresy, i figured that they were fairly new.I Still have alot of work to do on them . There not detailed so i have to do that and their done. I have the arms but they are not assembled. Thanks to BCJ i have alot of cool old school weapons, like shoulder mounted plasma cannon and lascannons to keep the old school feel to them. One problem im having though is when i primed some of the models with the white primer, some would get a frosty look to them. Does anyone know how to solve or prevent that problem?

As of now i have 35 marines, 3 terminators a whole bunch of pre heresy bits ,and Dorn. I decided to lower my goal from 100 space marines to 50 so that i can have room for some tanks. As for bases, im using left over jawabases that i had from a while ago.

.. and this is my first commision. Its a squad of 10 black templar terminators with forge world parts added, they are very detailed and i have to get them done by october.
Hopefully i will have Rogal Dorn painted by next week


Magilla Gurilla said...

Primer does not like it when it is humid. I will bubble up and do funny things; another thing that hates humid weather is Matt Varnish.

Fritz said...

I found that out the hard way on a painted army once...

Mal said...

What method are you going to use for your finished Fists?

I used quite a long method but im happy with the results I got from it.