Monday, September 13, 2010

Tournament Approved


8berzerkers(champ w/pfist,2 plasma pistols) rhino w/ extra armour, combi melta-298




dred w/ccw, twin linked las, extra armour-140

defiler w/ 2ccw-150

landraider w/ d.possesion-240

total 1997

*Abaddon rides solo in the land raider

Now thinking about it, the dreadnought wasnt really a mvp in any of my practice games. It was a good distraction though! What should i do? If i replace it, it will probably be with 3 deepstriking terminators with combi meltas. Keep? change? thoughts?


sonsoftaurus said...

If drop the dread, then:

Drop a combi from one rhino or a plasma pistol and pick up a second defiler or two oblits?

Small squad to keep Abby company?

Fritz said...

Will I think you are going to take a lot of guys by surprise with this list, going all assault and zerker like. Beat down my Tyranids which I wrote to bead down Space Marines/Chaos Marines.

Michael Hogan said...

Personally, I'd be afraid of Abaddon being tarpitted by some armies if he is all alone like that. But then again, they'll have to kill your Land Raider to do that. Tough to slow down a beast like Abaddon anyways...