Thursday, March 7, 2013

Competitve 2k lists/Tactics

     So lately ive been trying to come up with a well balanced chaos list for some upcoming tournaments. For a while ive been using autocannon havocs as they do put out alot of firepower while still being able to go to ground for 2+ saves and snap fire at flyers. While they still prove to be sucsessful there has been an increasing problem for them. Heldrakes are becoming more and more popular and now im not the only one fielding 2 of these bad boys, they have sorta become a staple for most chaos armies since the update.

    I need firepower that can be resilient while still putting out a decent amount of firepower. So now im looking at oblits as being a better choice nowadays. Sure theyre not fearless and LD 8, but your usually only taking a test once if your running squads of two and you should be picking assaults where you know you can win so getting rundown shouldnt be a problem. Another problem i was seeing with the  havocs was the lack of very strong anti tank firepower. Im not talking rhinos, anyone can kill those. Im talking AV12-14. Annihilation Barges are a PITA to kill being AV 13 let alone snap firing against drakes and vendettas etc. I want that abillity to effectively take out both infantry and vehicles, and in this case oblits win. Its funny how overtime your opinions on units will change based on the release of new codex' and FAQ. I used to think oblits were not that good until all theres updates where more and more im seeing the need for multi purpose units.

     Another change i want to make is in my aegis defense line. I swore by using a quad gun but while it does kill weaker flyers like the night scythe occasionally. More often then not it will intercept, do a glance, then not fire for a turn and die. And for warlord triats i would always roll for strategic to try and get the reroll for reserves to get both my drakes in. So the most logical choice is to go with the comms relay. Reroll resrves and it cant be destroyed? Why not. And i save 30 points ( the line with quad is 100 points) for something else.

    I want to fit in a Flying monsterous creature (FMC) but i just dont have the points. Have an extra fast big scary unit on the board can be fun. I was thinking along the lines of a Bloodthirster and a unit of plaguebearers to sit on an objective (hopefully in cover) with shrouding.

Anyway heres some lists :

List 1
Lord - 145
- Bike
- MoN
- Sigil
- P. axe
- Meltabombs

Chaos Sorcerer - 150
- mastery lvl 3
- sigil
- spell familiar

x3 (7) plague marines - 203
- 2 meltas
- champ w/ p. axe

(10) cultists - 50

x2 Heldrake - 170
- baleflamer

(5) spawn - 180
- MoN

x3 (2) oblits - 152
- MoN

Aegis defense Line - 70
- comms relay

total - 2000

Well, it covers both anti infantry and anti tank pretty well. Small on numbers but makes up for it with sheer toughness. 4 troops choices is pretty solid. One to stay back (cultist)and 3 to go out and claim (plagues). Then theres the fast moving distractions with the spawn who the lord usually attaches to. I rush them foward if theres enough cover and make my opponent have to deal with them. I make them invisible first turn ( sometimes i wont get invis,but hey it happens!) to give them 3+ or 2+ saves in cover. Nightfighting really works with this idea. Then to back them up 3 units of oblits. Another reason i think they work well in this list is they can move foward and fire which is very helpfull to get all the weapons in range.

List 2

Typhus - 230

D. Prince - 265
- MoN
- armour
- wings
- blackmace

x6 (20) zombies - 90

x2 Heldrake - 170
- blaeflamer

(5) spawn -180
- MoN

x3 (2) oblits -152
- MoN

Aegis defense line - 70
- comms relay

Total - 1991

I never tried this list and im still short 9 points with no real way to spend it. The list has a FMC as well as the 2 drakes and spawn as a fast threat. Less anti take with only the oblits but 120 zombies and typhus. On the field this may look pretty intimadating but i wanna see how it plays out.

What do you guys think about the lists?  Which one do you prefer?

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