Monday, July 16, 2012

Should Allies and Double Force Org be Allowed in Tournaments?

There has been some talk about whether or not allies should be allowed in tournaments.While they can add balance to armies that may be considered "weaker" and  help compesate for thier weaknesses, the more powerfull armies will become alot stronger aswell. Also, having 2 force organization charts means that the best units in  codexes will be spammed quite a bit. I can see many players taking advantage of this.


sonsoftaurus said...

Let them in, ban them, whatever. Everyone has the same basic potential to bring the super army or combo.

Tylermenz said...

I would say keep them in. at this point, I don't think anyone is truly knowledgeable about how they will change the gaming landscape, and to preemptively ban something cause its new and scary isn't the best idea.

I think both things do help balance the game, and you can really only take advantage of one or the other. It would be hard to take a contingent of allies AND still be able to spam the best units in an army without severely hampering yourself in some way.

With allies it opens up a truly staggering amount of combinations that people can play, and the meta game will be extremely hard to plan for and extremely hard to predict. So many counterbalances will be in place, i feel people will have to have a more rounded army than in previous editions, you really do need to be prepared for anything, and that is where the advantage to having allies in the rules comes.

lil will said...

I agree,the Allies will open up so many possibilites and combos.Lists will have to be more rounded to win games. I keep hearing that "shooting is king" but this is not true. CC also will play a good role in any army. Whatever you may be lacking you can make up with an ally.

Every army can make super combos but now with these new rules they can become very ridiculous.