Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alpha Legion Chaos Sorcerer

I made a post about a kharn i did using the warhammer fantasy Krell model. Honestly i dont like it because it was too simple of a conversion. It was just the krell model with a chainaxe. So i scrapped it and used the base model for my chaos sorcerer.
I took off the batwings on the chest to give it a more power armour feel to it. Other than that its just a chaos terminator champ head and a sorcerer staff. I also got ahold of some of these resin bullet firing things (i have no clue what to call them) to make it look like hes firing a power from the pyromancy psychic powers, preferably "molten beam". As far as painting goes i just did blending to make the armour go from green to blue, and i used the new basing paints to do the base and i think it turned out ok.


thecandyman said...
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thecandyman said...

Great looking sorcerer. Really like the chaos warrior fantasy bodies being used for marines in 40k.

lil will said...

Thanks! Yea i think it makes them look nice and bulky. I have a whole army done like this,ill post up soon.