Monday, January 9, 2012

Chaos Army Update: W.I.P Daemon Prince #1

Just a small update. I took a break from painting my squads to do one of my two Daemon Princes that are gonna be in the army. I dont know if you can tell, but this was one of my first attempts at making an Angron model. I used guitar wire to represent the cables in his head. The old deamon princes look better in my opinion. The plastic ones look like they came from a cartoon. No base yet because im planning to either get a resin base, or make my own using cork or something, I dont know yet.


Ludovic V. said...

That is an epic looking DP. Really well painted too. And I thought about Angron when I saw him at first but I wasn't sure. A good rendition of him though!


Old School Terminator said...

I really like it. I am also making Angron right now. Nice work on the wings, head and feet as well, very smooth and it looks like the model was made that way: the true mark of a conversion artist!

lil will said...

@Ludovic V.

Thanks, yea it was supposed to be an Angron but it didint come out to well. It does make a fine D.Prince Though!

@Old School Terminator

Im following your Angron project. Nothing short of amazing work going on there! Cant wait to see the finished model

jabberjabber said...

Gotta say that this model is awesome -- it has more than a passing resemblence to the daemon primarch pictured in Apocalypse.