Monday, January 16, 2012

Chaos Army Update: Obliterate! + FAQ

 Heres my finished scratch built Oblits. Built them a long time ago but im now finishing them up. Its crazy what you can do with a whole bunch of extra guns! Also, their on my new bases i made from cork. Looking at them now, i think im gonna highlight the weapons with mithril silver to make them pop more.

Another low blow to chaos with this new FAQ. Im very dissappointed in GW. Its not like chaos was overpowered or anything, why make some of their best powers worse? Hitting on a 2+ with Lash isnt bad but the fact that we need to roll to hit at all is not fair. All the psycic hoods every one gets and now we have to worry about that, hitting, and not failling the psycic test.
As for warptime, come on. Now we HAVE to re roll all hits and wounds or not all? Why? It defeats the purpose of chaos having psycic powers if every other army is better than them at it.

Im not gonna let this affect me though! Im a chaos player blood in blood out and i will keep playing them no matter what.

Lets just hope for a good quality codex soon...


Warhammer In Progress said...

Nice work on the Oblits, love the Havoc model. Pretty bummed on the FAQ release as well :(

Looking at my Oblits now compared to yours, and mine are looking a little under gunned.

Insert shameless plug here:

Thanks for the inspiration, I am making two new Nurgle Oblits this week, and this will help.

Black Matt said...

youve gotten so much better

lil will said...

@Warhammer In Progress

Thanks. Checking out your oblits i really like the flesh you did there. Make sure you post up those Nurgle oblits!

@Black Matt

Really appreciate it Matt