Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The List (2000pts)

HQ huron-170

HQ sorc w/lash-125

troops-(8)berkerkers, champ w/pfist, 2 plasma pistols- 238 + rhino w/extr armour,combimelta-60

troops-(8)plague marines,champ w/pfist,icon, 2 meltaguns-249 + rhino w/extr armour, combimelta-60

troops-(8)plague marines-249

troops-(6) noise marines, champ w/p.weapon ,doom siren, sonic blasters-195 + rhino w/extra armour,combi melta-60

heavy-5 oblits(1 squad of 2, 1 squad of 3)-375

heavy- landraider-220


its a list that im planning to play for a little while. Im thinking about replacing huron ,the sorc, and maybe a squad to fit in abaddon and 3 terminators. only problem with that is i will have one VERY expensive unit and less troops. As of now, its a pretty strong list.... Any ideas?

*EDIT the khorne berzerks and huron are in the land raider, and, the 2 plague marine squads, and the noise marines are in the 3 rhinos


sonsoftaurus said...

I think it's pretty good as-is. Huron's not as tough as Abby, but he's a good bit cheaper and doesn't require the LR. Plus giving Abby a terminator escort is fluffy, but them not being Fearless can mess him up.

How do you intend to use the NM? PW/Doom siren in addition to the Sonic blasters seems excessive and wasteful. If you're rushing up to zap and assault, the extra five shots over free bolt pistols probably isn't worth the points, and if you're sitting back to dakka, then all the points on the champ definitely aren't worth it. It's a powerful, flexible unit, but may not be the best way to spend the points if you're going for efficiency.

Anonymous said...

I like the lists balance. You've got a great number of guys on the field for chaos.

My only comment/concern is the lash Sorc. To me, it doesn't seem like you're bringing enough ranged firepower for the single lash sorc to get his best use out of it. 5 oblits is good but I just feel like its not enough for it to really shine.

But hey, that's just my opinion on lash, its either crazy all out lash madness, or no lash for me!

lil will said...


This is a close quarters type of list. Every unit (besides the sorcerer), can destroy ANY vehicle they are up against. Usually by 2nd turn im close to the enemy. With all my meltas I destroy vehicles very easy, then use the sorc to 1) lash the unit inside off an objective, 2)lash closer to my units so they can be assulted, or 3)lash into tight circles to be killed by plasma cannons. I usually deep strike my oblits behind my enemy to surprise them, and make them divide their forces.

Anonymous said...

But my thought would then be, If its supposed to be a CC focused list. Why not bring the daemon prince with lash instead? He's better in CC and almost the same price.

lil will said...


The d.prince is a mosterous creature, therefore can be easily targeted.the sorcerer stays in the rhino. If the rhino is destroyed, then it can join another unit.