Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Huron Blackheart: Underrated?

ok guys i played a game monday using Huron Blackheart. Hands down one of the most effective chaos lords in the codex. With 4 power fist attacks that can re roll hits and wounds(with a succsessful psychic test)and a built in heavy flamer he is truely a close combat monster(and pretty cheap at 170 points). the only problem however, is that like many chaos lords, one power fist does him in. Yesterday, i ran him with a squad of berzerkers(champ w/pfist, 2 plasma pistols)in a rhino. Mobility is always a plus, as well as being backed up by chaos marines that can hold their own, Huron is very tough. I assaulted a squad of terminators, and after 2 rounds of combat the terminators were bogged down by all the wounds and Huron killed the blood angels priest outright.Dealing 3 powerfist wounds! As well as being anti infantry, he also destroys most vehicles pretty easy. With this being said,i want to know why i dont see more chaos players feilding him? the dual lash is ALMOST useless now, since everyone runs mech armies and in order to get rid of these tanks,monsterous creatures,and independent characters, huron adds that extra punch to any chaos army.

*model painted by me


Astro-Thumps said...

Dude I agree with you.

I think Huron is a beast. I have run him in 2 tourneys and both times he has come up big for me. Last Ard boyz he killed Carnifexs, Blood Angel Named dudes and even a DP. I paired him up in a LR with some MoK Termies and he kicked some serious can. But I love the fluff with him too and I wouldnt call myself ultra-competitive.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Huron only gets 3 powerfist attacks, unless he charges.

lil will said...


sorry i wasnt clear on that. I meant 4 on the charge.