Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chaos Army Update: Daemon Prince #2 Done + Greater Daemon

With #2 down and my Greater Daemon done, I can finally focus back on my other squads. For this guy i used skull takers head on the old daemon prince body, and the new plastic daemonprince wings and arm. Couldnt think of how to paint the sword so i left it black...for now.

Epidimius will be my greater daemon as he is one of the coolest models in my opinion.

My two princes together.


sonsoftaurus said...

Pretty wicked. Nice paint jobs. Skulltaker's head works pretty well - the massive horns/tongue/skull keep it from looking too small.

Tylermenz said...

I am pretty surprised too that the Skulltaker's head fits so well on the Demon prince body. Nicely done.

lil will said...

Thanks guys. Yea the actual head is small but the horns balance it out. If you look at the 3rd pic, the head actually isnt sitting on the neck part right. Ill try to fix it.

Blake Lentsch said...

In your picture titled, "My two princes together." It looks like you use this model for the prince on the right: but where did the wings come from? Unless I'm mistaken, this kit doesn't come with wings.