Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion (W.I.P)

Hard to see from this angle but there are 3 hydra heads sculpted on

Ive been dying to do another primarch after reading the HH novel "Legion". The background for the Alpha Legion as well as Alpharius is just too good. So, after doing a little searching around the net i stumbled upon an interpretation of him made by James Craig. In my opinion his is the best representation of Alpharius ive seen. After some planning i knuckled up and began sculpting. This was my first time almost completely sculpting a model from greenstuff. It took about 2 weeks to do because i had to build layers for it to come out properly. Ithink i did ok on the face but i would like some feedback. Thats not the base im using and i have to add some stuff like the backpack to finish. I want a really nice resin base for this guy. Im gonna paint him first then worry about a base. I will keep updating him until hes done. Im using some extra greenstuff to stick him on to the base to take the picture.


H4d35 said...

Very cool model! Great sculpt job and even better paint job!
How did you settle on the skin colour? I'm never sure what colour their skin is as every pic I see they are white but in Legion they're described as 'copper skinned' I think...

lil will said...

Hey thanks! For the skin i kinda just went with the above picture since it fits with the rest of the model well. But i have read the book and they are supposed to be copper skinned. Im gonna revisit this real soon.