Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chaos Spawn conversion! My First Real Try With Green Stuff

I always wanted to try out spawn, but never did because i assumed they were horrible based on what other people told me. Well, i figured "you cant knock it till you try it" so i came up with these. This is my first attempt with modeling muscles, and i think they came out ok.

The muscular back

Muscular chest

Get a good look at the eye

Shoulders, Neck muscles etc. Basically spawn are just blobs of muscles so i made sure that they were as noticable as possible. As far as arms, i dont know. Maybe some claws, or tentecles coming out of the top like the actual models, i have no idea. It took me 20 mins to make 4 of them so if they do good on the tabletop i might want to make 10 or 15 more of them. Has anyone had any experiences with spawn in the past?


Thor said...

That's damn impressive, especially if it's your first real go at green stuff. Nice job.

Only 20 minutes for those 4? Impressive and quick!

lil will said...