Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CSM Terminators suck!..Oblits conversion

Yep. I just bought a box set of terminators. Built them and played my first game with them just to test out some units to make my list for the upcoming BFS tournament(already made my list). Obviously as you can tell by the title, terminators didnt work out. Had 2 squads of 3 termis deep striking with combi meltas. Big waste of points because i can only

try and kill 2 units and even if i do kill the intended targets, they have a bad habit of dying right after. Not to mention that there not even fearless! I didnt loose the game but i did loose my confidence in terminator squads in the CSM codex. So i decided to cut and convert them into obilts. This now makes the full 9 oblits i plan to use for the tournament(2000 pt tourney). Took IG leman russ side sponsons for the weopons on the arms. I have to add the heads but other than that there done. I used a similar method that black matt took for his oblits (see here)

Am i being to hard on chaos terminators? Is there a better way to use them to there full potential?


Tylermenz said...

I dont think that minimum squads are the way to go for terminators, minimum squads of anything die pretty badly.

AutarchAndrew said...

I stand by my oppinion that no unit is bad,and that any player could find usage of any unit or army with practice.Yes in the current meta game chaos termys are'nt the best unit for the job.

But looking at it in a different way a 5 person unit of chaos terminators equipped with power weapons,4 combi-flamers,a heavy flamer and mark of tzeench or mark of nurgle.Could be a very effective unit for anti-infantry if your meta has hoarde armies.And for extra killing power a special character like typhus or huron could add viarity to the unit

But say your meta is full of mech marine players like everyone else,a unit of 5 chaos marines equipeed with combi-meltas and chainfists with an icon of tzeench or slaanesh could really pull one over on marine players.Adding a character like abbaddon or kharn to the unit could be scary.

Deep striking a threating unit into the lines of your foe is good because.There is two things they can do one ether focus all there attention on your reserves that are a threat to them or they can keep focusing on your main army,if they do that your reserves are gonna tear them a new one.

But with every tatic there is a downfall deep striking as we all now is risky.