Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angron Pre/Mid Heresy Conversion W.I.P

So here is my Angron that im going to use for my CSM army. Basically my army is all red and undivided so all i have to do to make Angron fit in the army is paint a few pre heresy workdeaters in my squads, along with one of my rhinos as well. Angron has always been my favorite primarch which is why i made a daemon version of him ( check it out in the Khorne section of the labels). Its not painted but i used so many diffrent pieces to make this guy i honestly lost count. Its going to be painted pretty much exactlty like the picture above, but ill be adding more gore just to represent that this is when he turned to chaos.

When im done, ill show Angron with the rest of the army so it will all make sense.

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