Friday, March 18, 2011

'Iron Hand' Straken Conversion

Its been a while. Ive worked on alot of stuff lately but havent had the time to post pictures. I will , however, show this conversion i did for my imperial guard army. Yep.. Imperial Guard. Just to try something alittle different. I havent abandoned chaos, not even close. Just need to take a little break. I did this very simple conversion by using various bits from catachan and cadian box sets. instead of using a bionic arm i just painted a catachan arm as if it was robitic to get the same feel as it does in the codex.
Its a very close range kind of army list that im playing and i think it could work out. This is not a catachan army! Its all cadian with the exeption of straken because he is just to cool to not make him like the picture in the codex. Also if anyone has any list suggestions for a good assault/ close range IG list let me know! I really want to try this out.

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Cory said...

Painting one arm silver really isn't a conversion. Find some kind of bionic. Also, for an HQ choice the model is very simple. He needs a lot more work.