Saturday, October 16, 2010

Question : What does twin-linked mean?

*stupid question* This is something thats been bugging me for a while now.

In a couple of games ive played my opponents always rolled two dice to represent something that is twin linked. I personally have always thought that twin linked means that you roll one die, re rolling it if it fails and accepting the second result. But some people tell me that you roll 2 dice with no re roll. Doing this means that there is a better chance of hitting the target than just re rolling one dice.

How do you play twin linked weapons? How are you supposed to play twin linked weapons?


sonsoftaurus said...

Per the rules, you roll one die (or set if it has more than one shot), and reroll misses.

Often as a time saver for single-shot weapons, like a twin-linked lascannon, I've seen people roll two dice, effectively doing the reroll at the same time - if both miss, it misses, if one or more hits, it gets a hit.

It's the same effect, but you should be clear what you're doing or someone will look at you funny when you're rolling two dice for a single shot weapon!

AutarchAndrew said...

ya twin-linked means u re-roll 1 hit not roll too dice thats a small way of cheating as you roll better on average with two dice than with a reroll.If you roll a 1 your likely to get a 6 or a 3 on average

jabberjabber said...

Roll to hit. If you miss, re-roll. As sonsoftaurus said, people often roll both simultaneously to speed things up.

Templates roll to hit, but if you "miss", you can re-roll, but must accept the second outcome, even if it is more off-target than the first roll.

Tylermenz said...

It does NOT matter which one you do. The chance of getting a hit by rolling 2d6 and re-rolling 1d6 are EXACTLY THE SAME.

As long as the person is not taking two hits instead of one it does not matter.

@Autarchandrew Your second roll does not matter or depend on your first roll. IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Whether you get a 1 or 6 on your first roll, you still have the same chance to get a 1 or 6 on your second roll.(it is 16.667% btw, and the average on a d6 is 3.5)

Consequently, whether you roll one die and then reroll that die or you roll two die and pick the higher one, it doesn't matter.

One thing though, if you roll two dice at once, and at least one of them hit, you cannot say that it missed. you have to take a hit if you can, and you can only ever get 1 hit.

GDMNW said...

Rolling both at once is quicker for single shots. It's also completely fair.

Can't do it with multiple shot weapons or units though. Then it is cheating.

Jason said...

Yeah, rolling 2 dice is fine, as people have said. You can only get 1 hit, not two. It saves time. You can do it with multiple shots as well, as long as you can pair up dice. For example, for two twin-linked shots, you can have 2 red dice and 2 white dice, and roll both and compare the pairings. Makes it pretty simple and let's you get rolling done quickly.

But not, rolling 2 dice at the same time gives you the exact same chances as rolling one dice and having to re-roll.